saurin choksi

i thought
i made a mistake once
that was the mistake

- my father, shailesh


i wrote this

Saurin Choksi does comedy and makes good things in New York City. He won the Boston Comedy Festival a few years back. He hosted a tv show on Fuse called White Guy Talk Show where he talked about pop culture, wore suits he couldn't afford, and interviewed minor celebs. Some were cool and friendly. Some were not. He's done a ton of comedy festivals--Limestone, Bridgetown, and SF Sketch are among his favorites. His stand up has been featured on FoxTV and Sirius/XM radio. He made internet videos for and internet trolls seriously trolled him.

Choksi's joys are the two live stand up showcases he runs: Comedians You Should Know NYC and Brown Privilege Comedy. Everyone will tell you they are dope.

Chox spends his free time teaching himself Artificial Intelligence and writing puns about it. His dream is to build a robot who will be his son. He loves his girlfriend, his family and 4 of his friends. He does not want to do your husband's birthday party.