saurin choksi

i thought
i made a mistake once
that was the mistake

- my father, shailesh


i wrote this

Saurin Choksi does comedy and makes good things in New York City.

A member of the Writers Guild of America, Choksi most recently wrote on staff for the Facebook / Refinery 29 talk show, “After After Party.” Choksi is a 10+ year stand up comedy veteran. In 2014 he won The Boston Comedy Festival. His stand up has been featured on Laughs on Fox TV and Sirius/XM radio. He has performed at numerous comedy festivals--Limestone, Bridgetown, and SF Sketch are among his favorites. Choksi also hosted a television show on Fuse called "White Guy Talk Show" where he talked about pop culture and wore suits he couldn't afford. He also created internet videos for and is a proud alumni of Chicago's Lincoln Lodge. Choksi produces and hosts two acclaimed live stand up showcases in Brooklyn: Comedians You Should Know NYC and Brown Privilege Comedy.

Chox relaxes by sewing, crafting and posting pictures of his creations to social media in return for the online validation of strangers. He loves his wife, his family, and 4 of his friends. He thinks you should be nice to yourself and is impressed by your power.