saurin choksi

i thought
i made a mistake once
that was the mistake

- my father, shailesh


i wrote this

Saurin Choksi does comedy and makes good things in New York City. He's currently a writer on the Facebook / Refinery 29 talk show, "After After Party." A few years back he won The Boston Comedy Festival. He hosted a tv show on Fuse called White Guy Talk Show where he talked about pop culture and wore suits he couldn't afford. He's done a bunch of comedy festivals--Limestone, Bridgetown, and SF Sketch are his favorites. His stand up has been featured on FoxTV and Sirius/XM radio. He made internet videos for and internet trolls seriously trolled him. He is a proud alumni of Chicago's Lincoln Lodge.

Choksi's joys are the two live stand up showcases he runs: Comedians You Should Know NYC and Brown Privilege Comedy. Everyone will tell you they are dope.

Chox dreams about one day building a robot who will be his son. He loves his girlfriend, his family, and 4 of his friends. He thinks you should be nice to yourself and is impressed by your power.